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Spinksy hopes God has a good excuse

[SOURCE] Just when you thought that married life for Spinksy would settle him down, you know now he can get laid while Jesus watches, along he comes with another wild blog to tell those Atheists just how fucked they’re gonna be! The Atheist Convention of 2011 was such a rousing success that they are doing […]

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#atheistcon 9 – Taslima Nasrin

What a remarkable story. Taslima Nasrin was questioning the koran and her faith from an early age.  When growing up and asking a lot of questions about allah, her mother told her that if she said any more bad things about allah her tongue would fall off.  Taslima said she then locked herself in the […]

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#atheistcon 8 – Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams starts our first full day off.  The conference room is crowded,  it’s good to see so many non-believers in one space! Phillip talked about how the Rise of Atheism is not having an impact on the numbers of faithful, he suggested that we are not killing them, they are committing suicide. He went […]

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#atheistcon 7 – Saturday

What a brilliant day Saturday was!  From Philip Adams to PZ Myers. For some really strange reason I thought I’d have some time to blog during the day and jot down my thoughts.  Alas, the sessions rolled on and the breaks meant standing in line waiting for coffee!  I’ll get back to the blogging later, […]

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#atheistcon 5 Catherine Deveny

And then how to follow an outspoken lesbian, followed by a quiet spoken man?  Catherine Deveny of course. I like her. She really does make me laugh!  Took us on the journey of her reversion to atheism.  It was a wonderful discussion between her and “Atheist Man” until it finally dawned on her while explaining […]


#atheistcon 4 Mark Teir

How to follow a rabid lesbian.  Bring on Mark Teir.  Quietly spoken, but with a story to tell.  The poor guy was no where near the charismatic Sue-Ann Post in sheer energy.  His tale of the catholic church and culture in the Philippines was interesting and at times funny. He’s 10 reasons why beer is […]

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#atheistcon 3 Sue-Ann Post

Oh how I laughed. Put a ex-mormon, lesbian and diabetic in one body, stick her on the stage in front of a bunch of atheists and the good times roll. Sue-Ann Post keep us very entertain as she told tales of growing up mormon.  Who knew that the mormons thought god lived on a planet […]

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#atheistcon 2

The conference is up and running with our opening address. Plenty of people here, there’s lots of chatter. As the lights dimmed the screens lit up with a view of the known universe, starting way out and zooming in to Earth, right down to the Melbourne Convention Centre. ’twas very clever. First up we heard […]


#atheistcon 1

Here I am, looking at a naked Chloe in Young and Jackson in Melbourne. There’s a bunch of groupies standing around PZ Myers and plenty of godless discussion. The world is fun

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Godless desires

The time has arrived, as foretold on the Internet. The 2010 Global Atheist Convention. The love llama and myself are off to meet other flocculent types, to enjoy the gathering of masses, to listen to some of the finest minds in the world,  OK, to listen to some others with similar outlooks.  A bit of […]

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