#atheistcon 8 – Phillip Adams

Phillip Adams starts our first full day off.  The conference room is crowded,  it’s good to see so many non-believers in one space!

Phillip talked about how the Rise of Atheism is not having an impact on the numbers of faithful, he suggested that we are not killing them, they are committing suicide.

He went on to suggest that we need to work with some of the christians, that despite their irrational thoughts, they did in fact have ethical standards.   He suggested that as we have no beliefs in any god, Atheist would make ideal mediators at the table of religious conflict.  Can you imagine an Atheist sitting around a table with the Palestinians and the Israelis?  Perhaps he has a point, we don’t come with baggage from either side, we think both sides are full of shit.

Might be worth a try.

Phillip was inspirational and witty.  I enjoyed his talk.

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