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5 Conclusions I Firmly Believe

[SOURCE] Over at the The Christian Post Perry Noble has been talking about things he firmly believes but leaves out the really good stuff that he also firmly believes. He’s a sweet guy that thinks jesus will save him for his wise words in saving all those sinners.  He’s excited because he’s been reading 1 […]

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Killing people

[SOURCE] Blasphemy is a capital offence in Pakistan. They want to hang a woman because she said bad things about an imaginary god. She’s married. Has 5 children. Her family is in hiding. Why is there even a question about whether or not she deserves the death penalty?  This is stupid, stupid, stupid.  More stupid […]


Adoption for all

[SOURCE] The New South Wales parliament has passed a bill allowing same-sex couples to adopt.  And it’s about bloody time. Predictably the wankers are out in force, using the same old tired arguments, you know, what about the rights of the child, the child has a right to a mother and a father, children do […]

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Bishop Muff Muncher – Part 2

[SOURCE] So, earlier I blogged on a new bishop for the Episcopal Church.  She was elected a lesbian bishop in a Los Angeles diocese.  That church is part of the Anglican communion, and our very own Sydney  bishop, nay archbishop, Peter Jensen has got his dress in a right twirl.  He’s spinning so much the […]

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Anal Sex According to the Word of God

Anal Sex According to the Word of God. I’ve long thought that too many people have had a go at translating and interpreting the bible.  The true meaning was lost hundreds if not thousands of years ago.  The toss pots that consider it to be the inerrant word of their god are living in a […]


Brush me baby

It would seem that the two weekly Israeli newspapers  Yated Neeman and Shaa Tova can’t cope with women, at all.  So much so, that they airbrushed a couple of cabinet ministers out of the new line up for the Israeli government. [SOURCE].  One of the papers just blacked them out, the other cut and paste […]

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