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‘Tis the Season

[SOURCE] Not a big fan of Christmas. Not a big fan of Santa. Not a fan of the whole jesus thing. You know in every single Roman catholic church in the world you’ll find a grotesque figure of a dead man on an implement of torture  he’ll be wearing a crown made out of thorns, he quite […]

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The Body of Christ – Silly Catholic Rules

[SOURCE] You know that little bit of white stuff that priests get all excited about?  No, not that, the cracker thing.  Well apparently it’s supposed to be made from wheat. Church law “calls for the host to be wheat and wheat only” because Jesus ate wheat bread with his apostles before his Crucifixion The little […]

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Arnold Jago shows us his love

[SOURCE] Arnold Jago is a doctor from Mildura, which is in North West Victoria. He’s one of those catholics that think the Inquisition was a pretty good idea and we should do it again. He runs a website called The Real Mary MacKillop and has even written a book about Mary Fucking MacKillop. Part of the MFM […]

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Pell is sorry?

[SOURCE] Cardinal Hell, his grace the most graceful of grace sort of said on the telly last week that he thought the jews were intellectually inferior to the advanced civilisations around them.  That’s why  god chose them as his special friends, with benefits, so he could fuck them over and they wouldn’t know.  He didn’t […]

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Cardinal O’Brien tells lies

[SOURCE] Just because you can wear a silly hat, dress in ridiculous robes and carry a stick with a hook on it doesn’t mean you have any idea about reality. Cardinal Keith O’Brien, the leader of the catholics in Scotland reckons that David Cameron the UK PM is trying to ‘redefine reality’. I’m surprised a cardinal has […]

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The True Meaning of Christmas

[SOURCE] Let us ask the Lord to help us see through the superficial glitter of this season, and to discover behind it the child in the stable in Bethlehem, so as to find true joy and true light. So says the Supreme Pontiff (which sounds vaguely like some sort of pizza) as he sat there resplendent with […]

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Catholics and Respect

It would help me in considering your request for a meeting to receive an assurance that you and the AME do not regard opposition to same-sex marriage in itself as a form of prejudice and discrimination, and that you are prepared to say this publicly. This is from George Hell’s Christmas letters to Australian Marriage […]


Pope Calls for Unity!

[SOURCE] Pardon me while I splutter a bit. Sorry, hope I didn’t get any llama spit in your eye. Pope Benedict XVI ended the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity by saying the path to unity is a moral imperative. Oh yes, it’s important that you guys work out this moral imperative, it’s way more […]

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A Blessing! Pope and Social Networking

[SOURCE] Pope Bendydick has raised his hand and sent his blessing to social networks. The religious leader gave the blessing in honor of World Day of Social Communications on Monday, saying it created “a great opportunity” for users and encouraged social network users to adopt a “Christian-style presence” online. Oh, do you think it’s too […]

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John Paul II to be beatified in May

Wow, not long now and John Paul II will be a Saint Dead Pope! More crazy shit from the catholics

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