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Peter Madden – doing his best to hate

[SOURCE] Peter Madden is a member of the CDP, that’s Fred Nile’s political group.  Bunch of radical right wing christians.  Madden stood for election in the recent New South Wales election, he didn’t get in. Now he’s calling himself a christian activist. He’s responsible for a website called Heal Our Land, and as a christian […]

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Rise Up Australia Party or RUACH

A new political party as ordained by #god and a pasta sauce Danny Nalliah

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Rise Up Australia!

[SOURCE] There’s a new political party in town called Rise Up Australia.  And despite the name, I regret to inform you that it is not a bunch of horny gays running around with huge phalluses rising up to conquer the world, it is alas a bunch of rabid christians running around with giant erections prepared […]


Liberal Party supports discrimination

[SOURCE] Geoff Shaw is a newly elected member of the Victorian Parliament.  When he made his first speech in the house1, he used a standard acknowledgement that is commonly used to show respect to the indigenous people. Something like this: I would like to show my respect and acknowledge the traditional custodians of this land, of elders […]


Send Help!

Millions of muslims are being called to invade Jerusalem on May 15th – you can help stop them!

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Getting hitched

So, some people in England are getting married.  I’m wet with excitement.  Sorry, didn’t mean to drool on you. Seriously?  They’re getting married and the rest of the world is going to watch?  You’re fucked up. You are. Now, I’m all for happy events, I’m glad that Willy and Cathy reckon they’re made for each other. […]

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He wants you to do what?

[SOURCE] The Middle East is awash with turmoil after a bunch of documents were leaked to the press.  The documents show what’s been going on behind closed doors during the ‘peace’ negotiations. This comment however, caught my eye: YAACOV: We have court documentation that says that this belongs to us so we want to be […]


Blasphemy is crazy shit

[SOURCE] I wrote about the crazy situation in Pakistan here where a woman is to be stoned to death because of some stupid blasphemy charge. Then a Pakistani governor was gunned down by his own body guard because he spoke out against the blasphemy laws. The country has been in uproar!  You’d think that the […]

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The Nationals are Gay!

Can’t wait for all those gay Nationals to start coming out! Barnaby Joyce wants to out his colleagues.

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Labor and the pink vote

With an election in the air the Victorian Labor Government takes a cheap shot to get votes from the ‘gay’ community.