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Tony is the Rabbit

[SOURCE] Tony Abbott is the leader of the opposition.  He’s also stuck in the 50’s.  Not too long back he said that women should treat their virginity as a ‘gift’.1.  Back in 2004 he said on Lateline that he had not visited Cardinal Pell when he had.2.  Tony the Rabbit has also said that paid […]

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Everyone wants a bit of Mary!

[SOURCE] As if it’s not bad enough with all the politicians and media falling over themselves wanting to get in on the Mary Fucking MacKillop crap, as if it’s not bad enough listening to Tim Fisher and Cardinal Hell wetting themselves with excitment over the impending canonisation of a dead person, now the jews are […]

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Pray Pell, Pray

[SOURCE] Cardinal George Pell Hell, thinks that if you pray, god will cure your cancer. “Yes, obviously (cancer can be cured by prayer),” Cardinal Pell told ABC television today. Obviously you are the ultimate wishful thinker George.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, this year 42,000 are expected to die from the […]

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Parliament of World Religions

Like a swarm of gnats descending on a pile of shit the parliament of the worlds religions has landed in Melbourne. The streets are adorned with much love and people wearing silly hats and dresses.  The worlds largest interfaith event is on its way.  Never mind that they can’t agree on the simple things, like […]

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Gay Bans

[SOURCE] Gay couple go to a church based foster care agency to help out and foster a child and are refused because they’re gay.  So they sue on account of them being discriminated against and all, and they win.  However, the agency appeals and it gets overturned.  It’s a recurring story.  As we well know, […]


Condoms and AIDS

The evidence on preventing AIDS is clear | theage.com.au. Its not secret that I think the pope and cardinal hell are wrong when it comes to condoms and AIDS. I was banging on about it in this blog and this one. I’ve been saying that someone needs to yell at them a bit and sort […]

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Fiji and condoms

Things in Fiji are pretty bad [SOURCE],  not that there are any surprises there. The Foreign Minister Stephen Smith didn’t mince his words when he said that Fiji need to sort themselves out otherwise they’re out of the Commonwealth.  What a threat.  That’ll show them. I wonder where that same attitude was when dress wearing […]

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Oh when the saints…

From the silly saints file today: St Blaise It would seem that this saint died in 316 AD.  He was beaten to death with iron carding combs – that involves ripping your skin off with iron combs. (ouch) Among his many acts he cured animals and lived in a cage. Before being killed, he spoke […]

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Pope receives message stick from Aussies

Pope receives message stick from Aussies. He must feel very blessed.  The message stick symbolically protected him during his stay in Sydney last year during World Youth Day.  It’s nice when a symbol protects you from another symbol.  And just what did it protect him from?  Could the message stick be used as a sex […]

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