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More Mary

Well, yet another blog about MFM. She’s everywhere, and all our pollies are falling over each other saying what a great thing it is.  Anybody think that it was every catholic in Australia that contributed to the sainthood of MFM. The media have lots of nice things to say as well, what’s missing here is […]


Jesus is so beautiful

I have finally worked out why Mary Fucking MacKillop has only performed two miracles.  It’s because she’s busy in heaven with jesus.  He is so beautiful. You only have to walk around any cemetery to see just how cute he really is.  Nicely trimmed beard, dreamy eyes and a nice taut fit body.  Of course, the […]

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We’re all really excited

Mary Fucking MacKillop (MFM).  Who the hell was she?  There’s plenty of information on the web, but in a nut shell, born 1842 in Melbourne.  Dead 1909 in Sydney.  In the time in between she was busy setting up catholic schools and helping the down and out.  Sounds like a very noble pursuit, I’m sure […]

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Dead People Are Dead – The Mary MacKillop Saga

She’s dead. She can’t hear you. Focus on the living and forget the politics of the early Australian Church, if she was a great Australian, say so without the mumbo jumbo and magic words of a nasty evil institution like the catholic church.

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Haiti comment ‘stupid’

[SOURCE] Pat Robertson, a man who think god talks to him1, claimed that the Haitian’s made a pact with the devil2. I made mention of it over here As I have said before, not enough people in authority call these god-lovers out on this wacko concepts – they just seem to get away with saying […]

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Pray Pell, Pray

[SOURCE] Cardinal George Pell Hell, thinks that if you pray, god will cure your cancer. “Yes, obviously (cancer can be cured by prayer),” Cardinal Pell told ABC television today. Obviously you are the ultimate wishful thinker George.  Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, this year 42,000 are expected to die from the […]

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Vatican makes a saint

[SOURCE] I wrote about a guy waking up from a coma back in April, for 8 months his family had been praying to Mary Mackillop and wow, she woke him up. Now pope benndydick is all set to make her a real saint.  It seems that some nutters have been praying to this dead person […]


Dead people don’t do that

[SOURCE]. An Irishman, bashed in Sydney awakened from a coma after 8 months.  The human body is truly amazing isn’t it?  His family is claiming that Mary MacKillop did it.  She’s dead.  Very dead.  Been dead since 1909. Apparently what you do is you talk to her, you know, pray. I think you do it […]