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Divine Intervention from Mary Mackillop

[SOURCE] Marlene Lester, from Ballina, is convinced that something that happened to her and her grandson, Jackson, recently was much more than coincidence, but a divine intervention. Oooo, this will be good, a divine intervention! At the very least, it’s an act of generosity from strangers. Marlene earlier this year almost lost her house to […]

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Two years for being a pussy in church

[SOURCE] Over at the blog called “The REAL Mary MacKillop” that says “A WEBLOG DEDICATED TO MARY MACKILLOP” we find a story that has nothing to do with Mary Fucking MacKillop.  It’s written by ultra-conservative catholic die-hard Arnold Jago  Three women from a punk/rock band have been sentenced to two years prison for bursting into […]


Arnold Jago shows us his love

[SOURCE] Arnold Jago is a doctor from Mildura, which is in North West Victoria. He’s one of those catholics that think the Inquisition was a pretty good idea and we should do it again. He runs a website called The Real Mary MacKillop and has even written a book about Mary Fucking MacKillop. Part of the MFM […]

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MFM and Australia Day Medals

[SOURCE] Father Paul has received a Medal of the Order of Australia, after being instrumental in the international recognition of Australia’s first Catholic Saint, Mary MacKillop. Seems we’ll give medals to people who spend a vast majority of their time wasting it in tasks that benefit nobody. I worked at it for a long time […]

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MFM to the rescue!

MFM springs to live and helps in hospital! She can’t do much more than boil water and bring clean towels, but she’s a good help

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The world changed

Last year the rebel Italian state of Vatican City made the unsubsatiated claim the a dead Australian nun was in fact a saint and that she, the dead one, had done a couple of miracles. Let’s check how this great ‘honour’ for Australia has changed Australia. Checking…. Checking…. Yep, as I thought.. no wait… what […]

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John Paul II to be beatified in May

Wow, not long now and John Paul II will be a Saint Dead Pope! More crazy shit from the catholics

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Sainthood – here I come!

MFM, Cardinal Hell and Pope Benndydick are busy saying magic words and cross dressing, meanwhile, the people are poor, starving and dieing. That’s ok, as long as we have some new saints.

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Godless desires

The time has arrived, as foretold on the Internet. The 2010 Global Atheist Convention. The love llama and myself are off to meet other flocculent types, to enjoy the gathering of masses, to listen to some of the finest minds in the world,  OK, to listen to some others with similar outlooks.  A bit of […]

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Everyone wants a bit of Mary!

[SOURCE] As if it’s not bad enough with all the politicians and media falling over themselves wanting to get in on the Mary Fucking MacKillop crap, as if it’s not bad enough listening to Tim Fisher and Cardinal Hell wetting themselves with excitment over the impending canonisation of a dead person, now the jews are […]

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