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Senator Joyce Speaks on Marriage Equality

[SOURCE] Senator Barnaby Joyce represents Queensland, and recently stood up in the Senate and delivered this speech to show how backwards Queenslanders are the reasons why he voted against marriage equality. I’m amazed people like Joyce get re-elected. Let me pick this apart for you Senator JOYCE (Queensland—Leader of The Nationals in the Senate) (20:25): This issue […]

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Smoking the Gay Dream – Wallace Knows the Facts

[SOURCE] Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Christian Lobby is yet again showing just how out of touch with reality he is. Wally, that fine example of everything that’s fucked about christianity has opened his mouth again.  He made this grand statement during a debate: I think we’re going to owe smokers a big apology […]

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How can you tell when the ACL is lying? When their mouths are moving.

[SOURCE] I love it when somebody else writes a blog on something, saves me the time! Check this blog out from FLOURISH&BLOGGS.  Be sure to read it! Pretty lame effort from Lyle Shelton today in The Punch on gay marriage. In all probability it’s better not to waste the two or three minutes that it would […]

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Billy the Mule is TwatMan™

[SOURCE] Twat Time on a Friday – Hosted by Billy the Mule. Children are being stolen away from the two most important people they will ever know – their own biological mother and father. That’s called kidnapping.  Kidnapping is wrong.  However, if you adopted, use surrogacy or IVF to start your family then all the participants […]

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Hamilton Man Trevor Walmsley is not in the bible!

[SOURCE] Out it the far-flung western provinces of Victoria exists a rather small, quaint and unremarkable town called Hamilton.  In that town there once was a pub and it was called “The Hamilton”.  It was opposite the post office and drew a large and regular crowd of beer swilling, mixed-grill eating locals. Now that same pub […]


Noisy ACL Gloat

[SOURCE] Last night’s announcement on overturning surrogacy for same-sex couples and singles in Queensland is because of a grassroots movement of people fed up with a minority agenda driving social policy in Australia. Oh Wally, going straight for the gloat.  Nothing grassroots about it, there has been no mass protest, this came completely out of the blue.  The LNP […]

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Wally Does it Again!

[SOURCE] Earlier in the week our mate Wally was on Sunrise, comparing Kerryn Phelps and the marriage equality campaign to the Nazis.  Read up about this with my bear friend Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear, gay rights activist Michael Barnett on the support website, Aleph and of course the wonderfully delightful Gregory Storer. Then time warp yourself […]

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ACL’s Jim Wallace calls gay people Nazis

[SOURCE] This morning on Sunrise on Channel 7 there was a debate between Kerryn Phelps and Wally (Jim Wallace of the ACL). Wally said this: I would like to just say that I think this whole campaign would do great credit to Joseph Goebbels, because what we’ve had, we’ve had the demonisation I choked on […]

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Marriage equality changes the world!

Mule Head is at it again. Consider this headline: ‎“An equal opportunity commission board member who signed a submission against same-sex marriage has resigned.” A respected doctor and community leader has been forced to resign for a horrific crime: yes, he dared to say marriage was between a man and a woman, and children deserve […]

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Muehlenberg says the world’s about to end!

[SOURCE] Billy the Mule’s latest attempt at preventing marriage equality is among the most offensive he’s ever written. Even the title is a language that needs to be shunned, or at the very least snipped from the internet, rolled up in a copy of the bible and force fed to  him.  To suggest that allowing […]

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