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The JCCV releases a report!

The JCCV finally issues a report on the work of their reference group. Alas, the report offers very little in the way of any action to combat discrimination and vilification of people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender.

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Does the Jewish Community cover up sex scandals?

There exists in the Melbourne Jewish Community plenty of organisations, but lets face it, it’s a pretty small community1. The arrest and charging of one David Samuel Cyprys, 43, a security guard at Melbourne’s Jewish boy school, Yeshivah College, is no doubt sending shock waves through the small community.  I’ve blogged about it already today. The […]


Child Abuse Scandal in the Melbourne Jewish Community Covered Up

[SOURCE] It goes to show that religious people are more inclined to be concerned with their own reputation than the safety of the children entrusted to them.  In a previous blog I covered the way that some in the Melbourne Jewish community have attempted to keep all this hush hush. From 1984 to 1991 this low […]


Jews do it too!

[SOURCE] There are reports of sexual abuse and cover ups happening in Melbourne’s jewish community.  And just like other religious organistations there’s a scramble to denounce and distance your synagogue from the perpetrators.  Good thing too. But then there’s still the apologists who try to cover up and minimise the dreadful impact that abuse has on […]


Earthquakes and god

[SOURCE] Those crazy jews over at AJN Watch have made an important link between an earthquake yesterday in Victoria and the tragic earthquakes in Christchurch New Zealand. The New Zealanders tired to stop the ritual and brutal killing of chickens, which is carried out to enable the faithful jews to eat their chicken in the knowledge that […]


Housing Crisis!

[SOURCE] There’s a housing crisis of sorts in Melbourne, that is, people can’t afford to buy one.  Means they have to rent.  There’ a rental crisis in Melbourne too – not enough of it, and it’s expensive. Now there’s some concerned parents screaming about it at AJN Watch.  They want to know how their children […]

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He wants you to do what?

[SOURCE] The Middle East is awash with turmoil after a bunch of documents were leaked to the press.  The documents show what’s been going on behind closed doors during the ‘peace’ negotiations. This comment however, caught my eye: YAACOV: We have court documentation that says that this belongs to us so we want to be […]


Careful where you sit!

[SOURCE] In Israel, for reason of modesty, women are expected to sit in the back of the buses. They have to enter by the rear door and they have to sit in the back least the poor men in the front should catch of glimpse of them, crack half a mongrel and have to deal […]

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People get stoned for blasphemy? That’s crazy shit – those calling to preserve the laws in Pakistan are barbaric muslims that should be roundly criticised for their ignorant beliefs.


So – lets do a rain dance – Jewish style

When the rain won’t fall, hire a balloon and fly to heaven to pray! Crazy rabbits!

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