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Marriage Equality and ACL Shenanigans

[SOURCE] I just love how desperate the Australian Christian Lobby are getting.  The Australian Labor party looks set to change it’s policy about marriage, the change would see marriage equality adopted. The ACL have got 100,000 to sign a petition.  No doubt collected by happy christians who don’t do much questioning about anything at all really. […]

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The ACL denies democratic rights!

Wally at the ACL again is trying to dictate public policy. He doesn’t want anyone to vote on marriage equality! Wallace shows how undemocratic he’d like Australia to be.

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Muehlenberg, Wallace and Q&A – Christians bitch fight!

Q&A is a program that I look forward to every Monday night.  They manage to select panels that are interesting and thought provoking.  I have to wet my fur down I get so excited some nights!  I laugh, spit and hurl abuse at some of their guests! Last weeks episode, A Philosophical Q and A, was […]


If a Tree was Gay

[SOURCE] Earlier this week, Brigadier Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Christian Lobby appeared on morning television to debate with Dr Kerryn Phelps about why churches are opposed to marriage equality. Jim, now after several blunders, renamed General Wally, said this: And I find it absolutely amazing that at a time in our history when we’re jumping […]


The ACL and Advertising

[SOURCE] You remember just recently that the Australian DeadMan on a Stick Lobby objected to a bus shelter advertisement for safe sex, they didn’t want mummies and daddies  having to explain what a condom was1 The ACL have been pushing for G-rated billboards, but a parliamentary committee has rejected the notion, they said: billboards should continue […]

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Wallace and ANZAC Day 2011

Jim Wallace from the ACL thinks it’s ok to use any cause to further his hatred of gays and muslims. The douche!


The bible is rubbish

Time to question what good the bible is in our society.

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How to make a protest

[SOURCE] 1.  Find an issue 2. Pray to make a change 3. Go on a fast Leaders in the marriage and family movement have called for 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting for Marriage and Family. Yep, the Australian Christian Lobby know how to change things in Australia.  Let’s take some real action!  That’ll show […]

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Politics and jesus – The ACL

The ACL have been busy getting themselves organised for the upcoming election, Jim Wallace, the most upstanding and righteous person in Australia, closer to his god than even Archbishop Hell, organised to get KRudd and The Rabbit into the same space to talk about all things christian. It was a secret meeting, unless you paid […]

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The ACL and Human Rights

[SOURCE] Jim Wallace from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) is whinging because his side didn’t win. People responded to the National Human Rights Committee consultation in their droves.  It seems that Amnesty International and GetUp! were able to muster their forces and have a significant impact on the number of submissions made. Jim babes doesn’t […]