God Did It!


At the Institute for Creation Research in northwest Dallas, a group of nine Ph.D.s from places like Harvard and Los Alamos National Laboratory say all that molecules-to-man stuff is nonsense. And they’re out to prove it.

The biblical story of Genesis is literally true, they say. God created the heavens, earth and life in six sequential days lasting about 24 hours each.

OK, more christian need to prove that the bible is true, despite decades of evidence to the contrary!

The universe is not 13.8 billion years old (as astrophysicists calculate by measuring the rate of cosmic expansion), the earth is not 4.5 billion years old (as geologists conclude by using radioisotope dating on ancient rocks), and humans did not split from chimpanzees and gorillas about 4 million to 7 million years ago (as suggested by genetics and the fossil record).

As I said, despite the evidence.

“Our attempt is to demonstrate that the Bible is accurate, not just religiously authoritative,” said Henry Morris III, CEO of the nonprofit with a 49-person payroll and an annual budget in the $7 million range.

How much?  $7mil a year, say it takes them 10 years.  Serious amount of money that someone is throwing at the concept.  You can buy a 20kg bag of rice for about $150.  Imagine how many bags you could buy over 10 years. (At least 460,000) Could feed lots of people!  But oh no, makes much more sense to plough your money into stupid projects that the rest of the world is laughing about.

“The rationale behind it is this: If God really does exist, he shouldn’t be lying to us,” he said. “And if he’s lying to us right off the bat in the book of Genesis, we’ve got some real problems.”

What?  If god is lying we’ve got some real problems?  We have real problems, the planet is heating up, bees are dying, people are starving.

If god really exist, rice wouldn’t cost so much.


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