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I just love a good laugh at the end of a busy hectic week in the real world, you know, where people have normal everyday struggles.  It’s always good to swill a few beers and read something from Uncle Billy.

The abortion scourge is of course simply part of the much larger sexual revolution. The promise of free love and sex without consequences and remorse always was a lie, and we are all paying heavily for it now.

Oh?  Are we?  How so… do let us in on the secret to how you, Uncle Billy are paying heavily for it.

We now have epidemic levels of promiscuity, sexual diseases, teen pregnancies, abortions, busted families, broken marriages, and so on.

LOL – no we don’t!  Have a look at syphilis.  It didn’t reach epidemic proportions in Europe because everyone was keeping their bits to themselves.  It spread real quick! And for hundreds of years, all the way up to penicillin.

A big part of the problem is that we have managed to dumb down an entire society to such a level that most folks do not actually know that 2 plus 2 in fact equals four. Or in this case, that 1 (man) plus 1 (woman) = 1 (baby – at least always potentially).

If there’s a problem with society being dumbed down it’s because christians fuckwits continue this mantra that the only place to have sex is within the confines of marriage.  That thinking ignores the entire history of humanity.  People need to be educated about having safe sex, not pretending that you can’t have sex until you are married.

Sexuality is always about, and has always been about, reproduction – the two are intimately connected. But we are so mentally obtuse and morally deficient that your average young person today does not even realise that sex and reproduction are two sides of the same coin.

Perhaps in your fantasy world that’s the case Billy.  I think you’ll find decent parents will always make sure that their children know the consequences of having unprotected sex.

And this is not some religious observation. The diehard evolutionary atheist knows just as well that the purpose of sex in nature is to reproduce. So the fact that babies are potentially always a part of the mix when humans copulate should surprise no one.

Well, you’ve left out a bit.  One of the purposes of sex is to reproduce.  Sex is also a way to enjoy yourself, without reproducing.  It can be for fun, it can be for love and plenty of times it’s for all three.  Go figure.

Yet plenty of folks seem utterly clueless about this, and are actually surprised if a pregnancy follows intercourse. Well, duh! So in an age of rampant promiscuity and anything-goes sexuality, of course plenty of babies are turning up. And the usual answer today to deal with this is abortion.

I’d suggest to you Billy that if anyone is surprised to be pregnant after having unprotected sex then they are probably a fundamentalist christian.  Again, what’s missing is education.

So the whole sexual revolution needs to be challenged big time. There are heaps of problems involved with it. And one recent story from England shows, at least obliquely, how dangerous things can be. Consider the horrific story of two teens who fell to their deaths while copulating.

The tragic story goes as follows: “Two teenagers have plunged to their death while allegedly having sex on a balcony at a luxury London apartment block. The students, named as Anastasia Tutik, 19, from Russia, and ‘Miguel’, 18, from Mexico, died instantly after falling from the sixth floor of a flat on the banks of the River Thames. The international students had just met at a party where they were celebrating their end-of-year exams.”

Yes, that’s tragic and slightly funny.  But really, it just goes to show what I’ve been saying, you need to practice safe sex.  If you’re going fuck on the balcony be sure you have a safety line.  For Uncle Billy, the tragedy is that they weren’t married.  They’d clearly only just met and where having sex for the fun of it.  By way of celebration.  Just like millions of people have done since the invention of contraception and no doubt people have done since they worked out how great it feels.  Of course, in Billy’s mind the couple were copulating on the floor, man on top sort of thing.  In my mind she was on the balcony rail with him standing in front, overcome with, well clearly it got too much and they let go.

What a bugger.


On that note, I’ll ignore the rest of his blog, it’s only about abortion and not worth the worry really.

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