Stories of God’s Protection


A day after several vicious storms killed at least 38 people and leveled buildings ripping through the South and Midwest, stories of survival and God’s protection began to emerge amid ongoing rescue efforts Saturday.

The 38 that died must have been gay or had abortions.

Having seen a warning on the television, the pastor yelled to his wife that they needed to take shelter in the basement of the church next door. Two church members who were cleaning the church and a neighbor joined them.

…and they think god saved them?  Not the warning on the television, or the fact that their church has a shelter?

Todd and Julie Money, residents of Scottsburg, Ind., are also thankful. As their house didn’t have a basement, they fled to the basement of a friend’s restaurant when a tornado struck. A school bus parked nearby tossed several hundred yards into the side of the restaurant. “Unreal. The pressure on your body, your ears pop, trees snap,” Todd Money said. “When that bus hit the building, we thought it exploded.” Julie Money added that it was “petrifying.”

“God put us here for a reason,” she said.

God put you in the way of a flying bus to then save you?  That’s your reason for being here?  Opportunity missed I’d say.

People, people, people.  Why hasn’t god provided the proper shelters and warning systems for everyone?  Answer is easy, there is no god.

It’s really offensive to claim some supernatural deity has saved you, while others die horrible deaths in pain and emotional turmoil.

In Salem, Ind., rescuers found a two-year-old baby girl in a field, about 10 miles from her family’s home in New Pekin. Authorities had no idea how the baby ended up in the field. The baby survived the storm but was in a critical condition. Her family had reportedly died in the storm.

That’s pretty fucked up christians.

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