Old churches


I’m all for keeping old things about.

The Christchurch Cathedral was a fine example of a church, before an earthquake shook it so much that it collapsed.

Now people want to chain themselves to it to prevent it from being demolished.

Move on people, it’s just a building, and just because you think it’s special, doesn’t mean you get to keep it.

The owners of the church, the anglicans, say it’ll cost them $100 million dollars to fix it up.  You could feed a lot of people for that much money.

Alistair Cox, a descendent of the first bishop of Christchurch who was the driving force behind the construction of the cathedral, said the demolition had to be stopped.

Yep, a descendent of the first bishop gives him instant credibility.  One of my ancestors was involved in Federation, therefore we should remove the monarchy.

They would not demolish the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building, Big Ben, the Opera House or any of these well known icons.

Yeah they would, if they were damaged beyond repair.  They may replace them with something similar, but they wouldn’t let them stand.

Meanwhile in this article,

Bishop Victoria Matthews told reporters that all efforts will be made to salvage historic features, and the demolishing project will be undertaken with care and respect.

“There will be no bulldozers, there will be no wrecking balls, this will be done with deep love and respect for a building that has served us so well,”

Why the fuck not?  What are you going to do, dismantle it stone by stone and carry it away in a wheelbarrow?  Maybe they have a bunch of slaves to do the work for them.

Get real, it’s a building that’s unsafe and expensive to repair, time to move on.

If it wasn’t a place of worship there would be no question about what to do.



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