Hitchens Dies


There’s plenty out there to read about Christopher Hitchens.  I’ve read some of his stuff and it was good.  So I read it again.  Now he’s dead.

The christians however, can’t help themselves.  Now they’re saying crazy whacky things like:

 “My friend Christopher Hitchens has died. I loved & prayed for him constantly & grieve his loss. He knows the Truth now.”

Don’t be stupid – he’s dead.  He no longer exisits.  Is it that hard?

He said Hitchens’ death “is an excruciating reminder of the consequences of unbelief. We can only pray others will believe.”

How would you know?  He’s dead.  We can be certain that there is no consequences to the dead person.

“The point about Christopher Hitchens is not that he died of unbelief,” he concluded, “but that his unbelief is all that matters now. Unspeakably sad.”

He died of cancer, not unbelief.  And nothing matters to him, he’s dead.

How fucked up can you get?  A man dies and all his christian friends line up to say how they tried to save him for their jesus and now all’s lost.

I also love the fact that Twitter lit up with a trending topic #GodIsNotGreat – the title of one of Hitchen’s books.  The christian wankers got their holy noses all out of joint over it.  Some of them where so upset they offered to kill whoever started the hash tag #GodIsNotGreat.  Check this list out of some of the highlights.

Hitchens had an impact on me and my way of thinking.  He’s book was well worth the read.

For that I’m grateful.


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  1. Pity he didn’t subtitle his book (and neither is Allah).