Human Rights in Iran and Christian Hypocrisy


I’ve been doing some very ugly research.  It’s been revealing and disturbing.  The interwebs is full of dark places.

There’s an Iranian man waiting for execution because he was foolish enough to change from being a muslim to being a christian.  In Iran they will hang you for that.

However, the Iranians aren’t hanging people.  They string them up and they strangle them to death.  It’s torture.  It’s inhuman and it goes on every day.   I’ve seen the videos.

To see the extent of capital punishment in Iran have a look here for brief descriptions of public executions (No graphical content).

Now I’m really sorry about the Iranian guy who’s on the death list, you should be able to change your religion without fear of being persecuted or executed.  Really though, you’d think it was the only thing happening in Iran when it comes to some christians.  The only reason the churches take an interest in the death of otherwise innocent people is because they’re christian.  Take the Australian Christian Lobby, are they lobbying our Government to make sure that all Iranians are given a fair trial?  No.  Are they lobbying to have the Government push to remove the death penalty in Iran?  No. They’ll lobby the Government to speak out on behalf of the Pastor. But don’t say anything about all the other deaths going on.  The ACL will lobby for a woman, not because killing her is wrong, but because of the religious law that condemns her.  They don’t ask to repeal the death penalty, they ask that we stand up for women’s rights under sharia law.  They remain silent on the issue of horrendous human lives being taken.

Iran was ranked second only to China as the world’s leading executioner. This year alone there have been 600 reported executions up to the end of November.1

Here is a chance for the ACL to stand up and be counted.  Here’s a chance for them to mobilise their forces to speak out against this great tragedy in Iran.  But what do we get instead from the supposed moral guardians of Australia?  Opposition to marriage equality, lobbying for chaplains in schools and sanctimonious posturing on prostitution.  Here they are arguing for the life of a man because he’s a convert to christianity, all the while ignoring the plight of so many other Iranians.

The ACL is morally and ethically corrupt.  A bunch of hypocritical old men and women who don’t give a load of cheap soft drink cans about anything other than their attempt to push their narrow world view on everyone else.

If they got their way, they would have christian law enacted throughout Australia and suddenly they’d be dealing with non christians by beating them and locking them up.

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