Bleating Bill


Bill is bleating.  Bleeding heck. You know that Bill Has A Book, it’s all about The Gays.  When Billy Babes released his Book, in his original post about it he made this brave prediction about how The Gays would respond:

They will go ballistic, and will basically seek to shoot the messenger. Instead of dealing with all of the data and evidence I present here, they will simply attack me big time. If I thought I was getting a lot of hate mail and death threats already, just wait and see what lies ahead.

So confident was he of this, he boasted:

 Yet I can already predict how the other side will respond to all this. Indeed, I will put good money on this.

But, what about the Main Stream Media Billy Boy?

And the MSM, well, we know they will have only two possible responses. They will probably just ignore the book altogether. This is a favourite tactic of the MSM. This silence effectively censors any point of view it disagrees with. By refusing to even mention this book, that is one good way of covering the public with a blanket of censorship.

The other option of course will be for the MSM to mercilessly attack me and the book. Indeed, I can already imagine the various hostile reviews the MSM will feature. I will in fact be very much surprised if just one favourable review appears anywhere in the Australian MSM.

Billy is really good with his predictions!  He wants it both ways, but predictions they are.

In his recent post Billy Butterfly then makes this statement:

As I wrote before my new book was published, there would be a complete silence concerning my book as well:

That certainly has been the case: absolutely not a peep out of the MSM or even the homosexual lobby. This is a deliberate strategy of censorship: simply ignore the book and its evidence altogether, and hope that it just quietly goes away.

So, prediction was that the ‘homosexual lobby’ was going to ‘go ballistic’.  That the homosexual lobby would attack him big time.  If he thought he was getting a lot of hate mail and death threats before, just wait and see what lies ahead.  The MSM has not attacked him, there have been no hostile reviews (there are reviews on websites, but mostly christian and hardly worth noting) and the ‘homosexual lobby’ don’t give a single malt sour milkshake about his book.

And why?  Because there is a deliberate ‘strategy of censorship.’… or…. the book is simply ignored because it’s written by a fundamentalist christian who has no credibility, because his basic premise for writing the book is flawed.  The flaw is that he accepts the bible view that homosexuality is an abomination, and that equality should be denied because his thinks his god made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Billy goes on in his ramblings to then lambaste the MSM for not reporting that Peter Roebuck , who committed suicide recently, did so after he was questioned by police about sexual assault.  Billy Bullshitter suggest, no says, that Roebuck was a pedophile

I refer to those cases of when adult men are caught out with having sex with boys. This is nothing other than homosexual pedophilia and child abuse, but the MSM seems to have sworn a vow of silence on this one. Of course there are a few exceptions. If it turns out this activity has taken place in a church setting, then it is front page news.

Consider the Australian case of a recently deceased sports broadcaster. It seems he committed suicide because he was caught out having sex with some African boys. One of the few journalists to have the guts to actually report on this is Andrew Bolt.

As far as I can tell, the reason for Roebuck’s demise has been well and truly reported across the main stream.  Perhaps not straight away, but there is no censorship here.  The full story is there in plenty of detail.  You have to remember that Roebuck was quiet well thought of in sporting circles, there was no attempt to hide the news, but it seems to me there was an attempt to check the story properly before leaping to conclusions.  Perhaps something that Billy the Badger could adopt.

It’s nothing for someone like Billy to simply make shit up to fit his own radical, hateful agenda.  Roebuck was questioned over the sexual assault of a 26 year old man.  Not a boy.  He was not caught out having sex with some African boys.  He was once jailed for caning the bottoms of some 19 year old men, not boys, men.

I have no idea who Roebuck was.  Nor do I care.  There is no reason for sexual assault, whether its against minors or adults.  To force people, to rape, to assault is always wrong.  For Batshit Billy to suggest that there is a cover up shows the level he will sink to in an attempt to make his point that all homosexuals are pedophiles, and therefore evil.

Could we expect a retraction from Billy?  Not a hope.  He will never accept the evidence, nor admit that he was wrong.  And why?  Because he wrote about The Gays, therefore they are evil and therefore he must be right.  The Gays are after all out to get him and silence him.

I predicted:

I rather suspect we’ll just roll our eyes oh billy boy, while you wait for the controversy to drive your sales.

Bill:0 Llama:1





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2 Responses to Bleating Bill

  1. Eric Glare says:

    I wonder if Billy is purposely using MSM for his abbreviation or has he forgotten MSM stands for men who have sex with men. Of course he is so well informed about the homosexual lobby…..