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As evidenced in previous blogs, I enjoy Twitter.

@apiyor is one crazy Twitter user, somewhere in Africa.  I’ve followed him for years as he’s got a very strange outlook and tweets some bat shit crazy things.  In fact, over there on the right, all his latest tweets appear in a box.  He’s so much fun!

He tweeted this recently:

Later he came himself to save us as a human. God became a man, and he was in AFRICA for protection from herod.

Now Herod was really pissed off1 that this new jewish king was about, so he planned to kill the child.  However, when the wise men didn’t return to tell him where jesus was he got really angry.

It seems that god told the wise men to return to their homes another way, thereby not going past Herod.  I would think that if god told you not to tell a living person where jesus was, you’d probably agree.

Herod in response went on to kill every child under two, just to be sure there was no competition to his throne.  Luckily god also told Mary and Joseph to fuck off to Egypt, so they missed the slaughter.

So, here you have a god who is apparently Master of The Universe, the same god that most christians think hates abortion, killing off a whole generation without a second thought.

God could easily have simply killed Herod.  He could have had the wise men give a false address.  He could have made sure that the wise men never saw Herod in the first place.  He could have ensure jesus was born in Washington DC.  But no, the way that this all loving god, the one that loves little children, decides to handle this is to simply kill lots of young people.

I just love the way he spins around his own ideas and changes things on the fly. He’s one very twisted person.

@apiyor’s first tweet: Later he came himself to save us as a human. God became a man, and he was in AFRICA for protection from herod.

@brucellama’s first tweet: @apiyor A protection that cost the lives of first borns that Herod had killed.

@brucellama Yep, foolish herod didnt know those babies went to heaven, they could have grown atheist and ended up in hell lol!

@apiyor So you think killing innocent children is ok then?

@brucellama You die when and by whatever method God has set for you, either abortion or old age, accident, sickness, murder, war,hunger etc

@apiyor It’s a really easy question – do you think it’s ok to kill innocent children? Is there a reason you can’t give a direct answer?

@brucellama First God didnt approve of murdering babies, but lucky babies did escape HELL AND LAKE OF FIRE.

@apiyor but you said you die when and wherever god chose – so he did approve their death by murder?

@brucellama You should brush up on your english. APOINT and APPROVE are TWO very different words.

@apiyor so god did appoint a time for the babies to die by murder?

@brucellama Wrong! God appoints how long you gona live and how when why you gona die.

@apiyor So god did decided to kill innocent children at the hands of Herod? You agree with that.

@brucellama mmh NO! the Manufacturer decided to call back his manufactureds by a defective manufactured Lol(Lord of lords).

@apiyor he recalled the manfactureds by letting Herod kill them – innocent children killed for no reason by your god and you think its funny

@brucellama You fail at logic, Death of the body is more or less like sleep, but God is incharge of putting ALL humans to sleep get it?

@apiyor so, god put innocent babys to sleep and you still think that’s ok as god decided when to kill you

@brucellama God is the manufacturer, now, if you decide to harm another human he will judge you, Otherwise he would declare you innocent..

@apiyor I can’t kill another person unless god had decided its time for them to die. In that way I would be doing gods will – so innocent

@brucellama God set laws that makes your life shorten as you harm others. sow and reap.

@apiyor I can’t shorten anyones life you told me god decides when people are born and die

@brucellama But the method God had decided for them to die should leave you innocent but since you r the killer, you are guilty

@brucellama True you cant, but you raise a finger at another human, you are held responsible since he gave you #free #will.

@apiyor How is it free will if god already knows I’m going to kill because god decided its time for that baby to die now

@brucellama Do you have a better idea, essentially you are saying that God should make murder impossible, but if murder was to be impossible

@brucellama Somebody will say the same for LIES,STEALS,FORNICATION.

@brucellama If you were driving and somebody jumps onto your way and dies you will be innocent eventhough you killed him.

@brucellama If you were driving and somebody jumps onto your way you had no MOTIVE to kill him,

@apiyor this is about killing children – your god planned for innocent children to die at the hands of Herod – you think this is ok

@brucellama If you were driving and targeting some bystander and run him over killing him, YOU ARE GUILTY of murder. again #MOTIVE #intent

@apiyor but still its you who said god chose when that person will die so he knew I would kill them – not my fault

@brucellama Herod felt threatened and decided to murder kids, that MOTIVE made him GUILTY.

@apiyor but according to you he can’t kill them unless god had picked that to be the moment of their death

@brucellama you are slow one, Not he cant kill them but they cant die until God says so. But whoever is motivated to kill is still guilty..

@apiyor so god say yes to letting innocent children die. It was easy for god to not allow Herod to kill them. Your god is a child killer

@brucellama ..So even if you fail to kill but you had #motive, intent, aspiration TO HARM, you are still just as guilty.

@apiyor That’s crazy. You are not guilty of a crime you only thought about. But this is about your god being a child killer

@brucellama ..So even if you kill (EG ACCIDENTS) but you had NO #motive, intent, aspiration TO HARM, you are AS INNOCENT AS A DOVE Lol!.

@apiyor What about your god his intention to kill innocent children by Herod. By your standards god should burn in HELL AND LAKE OF FIRE

@brucellama Lol! Do you think God wil meet you at the human court? He reads intents, motives and thoughts and deems you guilty or innocent.

@apiyor There is no god to meet me anywhere. But you think its ok for your god to be a child killer

@brucellama Who can take God for killing what he makes, or for making it crooked or straight, its his, everything is his.

@apiyor so if you make children it’s ok for you to kill them? you agree that your god is a child killer

@brucellama He will kill everybody even you Lol! and judge them, the righteous will go to heaven the evil to the LAKE OF FIRE.

@brucellama What, you have forgotten already? goldfish lol! INTENT, MOTIVE to kill the baby in the womb makes you guilty

@brucellama What, you have forgotten already? goldfish lol! INTENT, MOTIVE to kill the baby in the test tube makes you guilty. embryonic SR

@apiyor if it’s ok for god to kill 1000’s of babies in Judea its ok for us to abort foetuses. Makes sense. No guilt

apiyor so your god decides when people die, if you help him you get judged and burned. Your god is a bastard

@brucellama I guess, only God can make a human and only him should call him back lol, thats why abortion is murder,

@apiyor why is abortion murder? God already knows and directs when the foetus will be aborted – he calls them home. Nobody is guilty

And that’s it, he gave up on me.  Oh well, til the next time you twisted fuck.


  1. Read about it in the bible
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