Wild Assertions

Bill the Mule of Burg, often amuses me with his outlandish statements and ignorance to anything outside his experience.  He still thinks that homosexuality is a lifestyle.  Well damn it, I want my lifestyle too – some place nice, with a view of the ocean in the evenings and a view of mountains in the morning.  I want a houseboy to bring me a gin and tonic at 5.00 p.m. and peel grapes for me.  Wow, now that’s a lifestyle!

I just love this quote in his latest outrage

Any wild assertion will do. Don’t worry about proof, or evidence, or even common sense. Just throw out a wild accusation, repeat it often enough – of course with the help of a brainless media – and before you know it, it has become established historical fact.

He’s talking about this story, but it would be really useful if he’d spend a few minutes thinking about that.

He’s big on social engineering.  That’d be what his religion is for, the ultimate force in the world to engineer society just the way a bunch of decrepit old men want it to be.  I’d sooner listen to a bunch of scientist suggest a theory with good reason than some religious nut-job sprout about how wrong they must be based on nothing more than his rather misguided assumption that nobody is gay, at all, ever.  (And there’s another of his wild assertions).


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