A Blessing! Pope and Social Networking


Pope Bendydick has raised his hand and sent his blessing to social networks.

The religious leader gave the blessing in honor of World Day of Social Communications on Monday, saying it created “a great opportunity” for users and encouraged social network users to adopt a “Christian-style presence” online.

Oh, do you think it’s too late for me to have a christian-style presence online? Whatever that means.

He also warned against using social networks as a way to draw attention to oneself.

Um, excuse me, I rather like all the attention, it’s not always about you Bendydick.

Oh, and he doesn’t use a computer or social networking either, why am I not surprised.

So, now we have a blessing from god’s own representative on earth I want you all to go out on the internets and spread the good news that even god loves Facebook and Twitter.

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