Boats from China


While people are worrying about boats from Indonesia carry illegal immigrants, some of them being dashed upon the shores of Christmas Island, (which is very disturbing in itself), the State Governement in Victoria, newly elected and all nice and shiny, is suggesting that we allow more ships in from China, their cargo would not be people – well, mainly not people, but shit.

The Government expects that the amount of containers arriving in Melbourne will quadruple over the next thirty years.

I don’t know how many containers we get now, but judging by the amount of shit in the shops in the lead up to Baby Jesus Dayâ„¢ we are getting plenty.  So, where’s all this extra stuff going to go?  Who’s going to buy the extra stuff?  With such a huge increase in incoming goods, we’re going to need more shopping centres, more trolleys, more cars, trucks and trains, more homes, more consumers and more money.

It’s news stories like this that make me wonder just how much we are trying to reduce the amount we consume, with all the talk of global warming, tax on carbon and finger pointing at the worlds major polluters, here we are considering increasing the amount of incoming stuff, thereby adding to the worlds pollution and it’s all ok.

Let’s now link the two stories together, with all the extra goods coming in we’ll need more people, so it’s about time we let the people in, the refugees, and indoctrinate them in the ways of a consumer society, after all, unless we all start getting truck loads of money, how will we afford all the extra shit we need to have a happy consumer life.

I rather suspect this is more about big companies making money that us caring for our society and our environment.  We continue to consume, without enough care, and until we reduce our consumption, no amount of carbon tax will reduce the pollution, no amount of aid will stop poverty and people will continue to find nations like Australia desirable destinations.

There’s all these fossil fuels and minerals in the ground, we dig them up and make stuff out of them, medicinal drugs, tyres, cars, televisions and so on.  We also dig them up and make them into reindeer antlers that we can stick on our cars so that our cars can also join in the festive season.

With all the extra containers coming in, no doubt we’ll be able to put huge antlers on our houses, we can cover all the electrical wires with tinsel,Car with Antlers we can hang giant Santa’s from every power pole and place fake Christmas trees on every street corner, and all because we will have quadrupled the amount of containers arriving on your shores.

I can hardly wait.

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