Give me a stick

You remember hunting, where you take a stick, go out into the woods and hit things until they die. Then you eat them.

These days we do it with a gun. Much easier than beating some poor animal senseless.

We live in such a closed world these days. No longer do I have to hunt for my food. I can buy it in nicely presented packages with lovely pictures on the front.

Now, I’m a happy llama and like nothing more than to graze the grass. I enjoy fruit and vegetables. But what I really want is a big hunk of lamb. Yummy. I really like sinking my teeth in and gnawing away at dead sheep.

I’m perfectly happy to be removed from the process, you know, how the dead things end up on my plate. However, some of us still like to go out hunting, and I’m ok with that, provided that what you hunt ends up on your plate or someone elses plate for dinner.

It’s no longer ok just to go hunting for the sake of sport. The days of shooting just because you can have to end. I think that every creature on the planet has a right to be here, and just because we can hunt and kill doesn’t mean we have to.

I can hear the cries now. “It’s ok to go out and shoot (insert animal considered a pest) because they’re a pest”. That’s very noble of you, to help us out like that, to make the world a better place. Australia would be much better if some snotty nosed english twat didn’t think it was ok to release rabbits, foxes, ducks, goats, pigs, camels and deers into the Australian environment. I wish someone could get rid of said pests. But its not sport to remove them. Its a job, a task. One that needs dedicated shooters who are employeed. Not a bunch of weekend Rambos.

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