Billy “babe” Muehlenberg over at CultureWatch is struggling with the idea of truth.

Ideas have consequences and bad ideas have bad consequences. Unfortunately in the secular West, the rejection of God – which was meant to bring freedom – has simply resulted in bondage: bondage to bad ideas, bad thinking and bad worldviews.

Umm…. no.  That’s only a ‘truth’ if you think that there is a god.  I think it’s you who has the bad idea, bad thinking and bad worldviews Bill.

Stupid theories always bang their heads against the realities of life.

Bill then goes on and on about reality and how people want to make their own realities and truth.  Which is true, what he doesn’t see is that his own reality and outlook on life is jaded by a silly belief in something that just isn’t true.  God.  He has been banging his head against the reality of life, trying to spread the reality of his gospel with some sort of hope that the rest of us will fall in line and praise his rather pathetic god.

He wants to make points about Julia Gillard, the new Prime Minister, being an atheist.  She seeks to appease those that find her non-belief confronting by saying that it’s ok, she grew up baptist.  He has a real problem with that idea, as she can’t have it both ways.  Alas, again he misses the point, she wants to keep stupid dumbarsed believers happy and comfortable so that it doesn’t have a negative effect on the vote, that is, after all the reality of her world.

He’s closing statement however just sums it all up:

But as truth goes missing, it is time for God’s people to stand up and be counted. Christians are always the true radicals, the true revolutionaries. We go against the prevailing worldview and the spirit of the age. We proclaim black and white in an age of 99 shades of grey.

Uh huh.  Radical.  Revolutionary.  Let’s face it, you really just want the world to stay back when men like you could tell everyone how to live.  You want to be the only font of truth.  You should get out more, the world is not black and white, we have plenty of other things to celebrate and be happy about, you and your ilk need to accept that you no longer have the sway you once did, and rightly so.  You’re not a radical, true or otherwise, you are a throwback to a bygone era, and I’m glad you’re a bygone.

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