#atheistcon 5 Catherine Deveny

And then how to follow an outspoken lesbian, followed by a quiet spoken man?  Catherine Deveny of course.

I like her.

She really does make me laugh!  Took us on the journey of her reversion to atheism.  It was a wonderful discussion between her and “Atheist Man” until it finally dawned on her while explaining to her children about jesus that it was a crock of shit.  She also really really doesn’t like Tony Abbott or Cardinal Hell.  I liked her anagram of Cardinal George Pell… “pierced anal egg roll”. And then her comments about “vagjazzling for vajesus”.

She finished by telling us about being banned to do a show in Mildura, it seems that the basketball stadium where she was to perform is owned by the catholics, and they didn’t think the show was keeping within their ‘standards’.  What a bunch of arseholes.  They have god on their side, apparently he’s easily insulted!

It was a great way to end the evening!  She’s very crazy.

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2 Responses to #atheistcon 5 Catherine Deveny

  1. Get it right Bruce. It’s vajazzling; va(gina) jazzling. See vajazzle on Urban Dictionary. It’ll split your whisker.

    Do Llamas Jazzle their wagine?