We Remember

On February 7th 2009 a big fire came and burned the land in Victoria. Black Saturday it’s called. 173 people died.

So, this year, the first anniversary, see’s people falling over themselves holding various memorial services.  Not that I mind that, these fires have touched many people and I’m sure that the passage of time will never dull the pain of losing a loved one, losing your family home, losing every thing that is important to you.

But then, who jumps in on the act.  Churches.  Suddenly these batshit crazy types are holding memorial services.

Memorial Service sign

Advertising Memorial Serivce

“We Remember” says this sign.  “A Service to Honour and Remember Black Saturday”.  You have to be kidding me.  They want you to go to church, they want you to listen to them drone on about how much god loves you and has a plan.  They don’t want you to ask the question “Why did god let this happen”.  That’s because they don’t want to give you the answer that we all know.  There is no god.  If there was a god, an all powerful god that takes an interest in your life then he wouldn’t let you be in the way of a bushfire, there are so many ways that this god thing could have prevented a bushfire, or an earthquake, or a tsunami, but he doesn’t.  Shit happens.  The churches try to gloss over the reality and attempt to give you comfort and meaning. They’re not helping, and they can’t have it both ways.

Remember those who who died.  Remember those who are left behind.  Care for each other, help each other.  Do that and the world will be a much better place.  You don’t need god to do it.

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