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Mary Fucking MacKillop (MFM).  Who the hell was she?  There’s plenty of information on the web, but in a nut shell, born 1842 in Melbourne.  Dead 1909 in Sydney.  In the time in between she was busy setting up catholic schools and helping the down and out.  Sounds like a very noble pursuit, I’m sure worthy of being called an Australian Pioneer.  Curing cancer?  Please.  How rude is that.  Here we have this person who did lots of great things while alive and now we are expected to believe that in her death MFM did even greater things like curing cancer and leukemia.  One each.  There are thousands of people dying from cancer every year in Australia and in death MFM can only get two fixed up.  It is these miracles that we are told proves she’s worthy of sainthood.  Like some stupid dumbarsed medieval flock, we are expected to believe this trash from the catholics1.

Its stupid. Not just a little bit stupid either, this is really really really stupid times infinity.

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It’s just irresponsible for the church to continue to propagate this stupid belief that dead people cure life threatening illness.  People need good medical treatment, they need to know that medical science will do all it can for them, they don’t need to have some vague stupid notion that whipping out your rosary beads and praying for a cure will actually work.

While the politicians and clergy fall over each other saying how great all this is, and the media continues to talk about the ‘miracles’ nobody is stepping up to say that it’s the biggest load of hogwash and that the church should pull it’s head in and stop pretending that the ‘cures’ come from MFM, who is without a doubt dead.

  1. Cardinal Hell when asked if prayer can cure cancer said “Yes, obviously” SOURCE
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