Bishop Muff Muncher – Part 2


So, earlier I blogged on a new bishop for the Episcopal Church.  She was elected a lesbian bishop in a Los Angeles diocese.  That church is part of the Anglican communion, and our very own Sydney  bishop, nay archbishop, Peter Jensen has got his dress in a right twirl.  He’s spinning so much the edges of his long dress are whipping him around his ears, we can even see the wedgie he’s got.

He wants to split the church in to the deeply homophobic and the not so deeply homophobic.

There are thousands, if not millions of people starving in the world.  There are world leaders hanging around in Copenhagen talking about global warming, there are people looking for money, jobs and a nice place to eat dinner.  We have a food crisis, an economic crisis, we are at war in Afghanistan, our bee’s are struggling to survive a nasty little mite and so much more going on, and there are people worrying about whether or not a women, a lesbian, can be a bishop.

It’s all make believe.  If your god was the slightest bit interested, if the silly old goat was really pissed off that front bum lickers are becoming his representatives on Earth don’t you think she would have said something?

Rather than the bitch session, you’d be better off praying.  And we all know how useless that is.

I suspect that Peter Jensen is just worried that she looks better in a dress and a sash.

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One Response to Bishop Muff Muncher – Part 2

  1. Mikey Bear says:

    Don’t you think Peter Jensen and George Pell would make the ideal same-sex couple? They could fuck each other stupid all night long, the useless cunts.