Gay basher walking free


Nobody, regardless of their sexuality, should be subject to physical violence.

If you commit a violent act, you should be charged and jailed as quickly as possible.

Taking to somebody with metal poles and broken bottles is just plan disgusting.  Greg Harland has suffered massive injuries that are on going.

What is wrong with people that they need to perpetrate such crimes against fellow humans?  What part of your brain is missing when you use such force against a person?  How can you be so brutal.

It would seem that the sexuality of the victims has had some bearing on this case.  Here is why we need to fight homophobia, the attitude that it’s OK to pick or attack somebody because of their sexuality needs to be addressed.

Religion doesn’t help.  Spreading their nasty holy babble words and hiding behind their stupid texts as a reason to endorse homophobia is just plain and simply wrong.

We need tough laws now.  It’s no longer OK to spout abuse because your religion “allows it”.  When religion has their god issue a clear directive, today, in a manner that the people of the world can understand then we might pay attention.  Until then the words and texts you use are nothing more than fairy tales and should be actively discredited and ridiculed.

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