Just think

YouTube – Open-mindedness.

If I was to create a course “Introduction to Atheism” then this would be an instructional video under the compulsory unit titled “How to deal with fuckstick christians”

I think I’ll just pop off and watch that again….

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2 Responses to Just think

  1. jennie Diplock-storer says:

    I think Bruce Llama has an attitude problem. Ever heard of helping someone out when the opportunity just presents itself

    • Bruce says:

      I think you’ll find that I’ve said just that in numerous places, instead of doing nothing i.e. praying, do something to help someone. Too many christians believe that just praying for something is enough. What the world needs, what you need, is to get out and help people as the opportunity presents itself, because it needs to be done and not because some stupid sky pixie expects it of you.