How’s your food?


Let me pick a few key sentences out of the article for you:

THE United Nations food aid agency says it will be forced to cut programs even as hunger soars amid the global economic crisis because pledged donations have failed to materialise.

we are facing a dangerous and unprecedented shortfall in emergency funding

a reduction in rations and programs throughout the world, including those to the world’s most vulnerable people.

Those living on a dollar a day can only afford to buy about a third of the food they were able to buy a few years ago

for the first time in history, 1.02 billion people are undernourished worldwide, up from 60 million just two years ago

One out of every six today are on the official list of the urgently hungry


Last night I purchased some grapes.  We grow them here in Australia.  It’s not grape season though.  The grapes I purchased where from the United States, and they cost $11.00 a kilogram.  That’s expensive, however, I’ve been a sick llama and felt like a treat.  I did mention to the love llama how great it is that I can get any food I want any time of the year.

Let that arrogance sink in a bit.

Is it still sinking?

The grapes are here because I have the money to buy them.  I get paid very well to do my work, so well in fact that even when I’m sick (as I was for two days) I still get paid.  With that money I get nice fresh juicy grapes imported from the USA.  Flown over no doubt. (Let’s not get into the whole energy debate on that one)

I made a lamb roast on Friday night.  I purchased a leg of lamb.  (It’s ok, I’m told the lamb didn’t feel a thing) and roasted it with some lovely fresh veggies.  I then planned to make a soup with the bones and other associated leftovers, but alas, I was unwell and had to through the scraps out. (No, I’m not suggesting I should send the bones to Africa)  I didn’t have the energy to boil them up.

What a luxury.

As I’ve said before here and here, oh and here.  I’m a short fat  Australian.  I eat to much.  I have too much food, so much that I can freeze the left overs and buy expensive grapes.  You know I’ve got 4 different types of cheese in the fridge at present.

This isn’t right, and I don’t know what to do.  I’m supporting CARE Australia and Amnesty International, both non-profit, non-religious and not associated with a political party.  I’ll be more mindful about what I purchase and I’ll be writing a few letters to the papers and to my local members.  Really though, there should be no excuse for starving people in today’s world.

I’m worried about equality in marriage, I’m concerned with office politics, I get stressed about my children’s education, I don’t buy fuel until Tuesday night (it’s cheaper then).  How lucky I am.

Now, off to save the world.  Will you help?

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