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Heritage house.

Over at Heritage House they have a wide variety of crap to help you show your belief in the lud jesus.  They have no illusions about what they are on about:

Your satisfaction is our responsibility and our guarantee. We understand and appreciate that we make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we give. Together we move toward achieving our goals. By working together, good work becomes great work.

They make a living from selling little lapels of feet to represent aborted fetuses. They make a living my selling plastic models of the fetus at various stages of growth.  They make a living by selling jewelry that preaches abstinence from sex instead of contraception.

And what does ‘we make a life by what we give‘ really mean?  What do they give?  They don’t give anything, they sell items that evoke an emotional response from the public and encourage them to not consider the real issues, they sell items that attempt to make you go “Oh, that’s so cute” instead of “That’s gross, how could you do that”

In their mind they think that they are achieving ‘our goals’   It’s not clear whether that goal is making huge amounts of money off the back of the abortion industry or helping the do gooders prevent abortion.  Ultimately it would be unwise for the ‘pro-life’ group to prevail, as their business would have to fold.

There’s something vaguely unbecoming about this business.  Abortion is a messy business at the best of times, and here’s a crowd making money from it, preaching incorrect information in the name of jesus, when really they’re just making money so they can live a happy life.

Nobody has a right to tell you want to do.  There is no soul infused in the egg and sperm at the moment of contraception.  There is no god to look on in disgust at abortion, the decision to abort is that of the mother alone, the father may have some input – but really – butt out, its none of your damn business and shame on you for making a business out of this.

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