Faking followers on Twitter

Kyle and Jackie O accused of faking followers on Twitter.

It would seem that two of Australia’s radio ‘stars’ have been accused of faking accounts on Twitter to boost their numbers.  It would seem that Kyle has threatened to sue.

So fucking what.

The world has a food crisis, our economy is in melt down, the air is thick with smog, the water has stopped falling here but falls by the bucket full in other unexpected places, and what are you doing?

Get a grip – I mean really.  Tossers.

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One Response to Faking followers on Twitter

  1. It means the media doesn’t have to cover the real problems. Here in the states, I think that the media is deliriously happy that the Prince of Weirdness (Michael Jackson) croaked, otherwise, they would have to actually try to cover, you know, real news.