Churches unite in prayer for suffering, homeless | The Australian

Churches unite in prayer for suffering, homeless | The Australian.

’tis a bit rich.  The god that they line up to thank for all the great work being done to counter the bushfires would seem to be the same god that allowed it to happen.  Why would this god burn a house down and then answer your prayer to find accommodation for those people who just lost their house.  Surely it would be easier all around to leave the house the fuck alone in the first place.

And why are there all these great prayer thingys happening, but no one is asking the big questions.  Who is this god, why did he let this happen, I thought he loved us.

Then this little quote:

She said the fires had also led some people to question their faith: “(Some) have asked how can we believe in a powerful God who allows this to happen.

“We know that we do not have answers to all of their questions.”

Yes you do have the answers, you’re just not game enough to say it out loud.  The reason your powerful god let his happen is because there is no god.  Try a bit of honesty, get off your worn out old knees, pull your britches up and go do something useful.

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