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Nuptials go on as flames approach |

Now, I’m as crazy as the next Llama.  But surely it must be crazy, when during the worse fires in living memory, you decide to go ahead with your wedding, and put at risk the lives of all your friends (80) with the full knowledge that a fire is bearing down on you and you won’t be able to stay.

Close to 200 people have lost their lives, over 1,000 homes have been destroyed, and you waltz into a Winery to have your nuptials and then bolt.  Gee, I bet that’ll make an interesting story to tell the kiddies.


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  1. Crystal D. says:

    It’s kind of fun, in a sick way, how smiley and happy looking they are in front of such devastation. How sweet of them.

  2. I’ve had plenty of experience with the unprredictability of wildland fires to know (not opine, but know) that these people are friggin’ idiots. I’ve seen individual fires grow from 3,500 acres (no idea what that is in metric) to 10,000 acres in one afternoon. I’ve seen a flame front advance 5 miles (about 9 kilometres) in a day. These people were asking for a real short marriage. And, sadly, their unthinking actions could have put fire fighters in danger.

    • Bruce says:

      (((Billy))) Not to mention the resources that have to be diverted to allow them safe passage out of the area. Instead of dealing with the real fire, the CFA is dealing with fucksticks.

  3. Andrew says:


  4. TLD says:

    Why would you? If it was me, I’d be outta there as quick as possible.
    Risking their lives, their friends and family and the fire fighters too.
    To quote Bruce Llama “Idiots”.