Fire ‘divine retribution’, says minister

Fire ‘divine retribution’, says minister |

Danny Nalliah says that satan is having a go at Australia.  It seems that because Victoria allow abortions, god has seen fit to take his protection off us and now satan is free to have a go.  He says the reason we have had these devastating bush fires is because of the abortion laws.

What a knob.  What a fuck stick.

He’s what’s wrong with religion.  The claim that he understands his god and his ‘plan’ and the notion that his god would let satan play a few tricks on us.  I can only assume that he believes those who died in the bushfires supported the abortion rules.  Those that were lucky enough to escape are still being protected and think the laws should be repealed.

Nasty bit of work.

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  1. Andrew says:

    The fuckstick was also second in line in the Victorian Family Foist Senate ticket behind fuckstick Fielding. We are only a heart-beat away from Senator Nalliah. And Labor and the Democrats preferenced Family Foist ahead of the Greens and got Family Foist over the line. Fucksticks! (love that word).