I saw Jesus die

On the TV.  In Sydney, down by the water.  They gathered in their thousands to watch.  It was probably one of the most disgusting things I’d ever seen.  They dragged this guy up on a cross and he took a bloody long time to die.  The pilgrims where beside themselves watching this stuff.

What a cult of death the christians are.  Getting all misty eyed over the fact that yet again, Jesus had died for their sins.  I’ve never been able to work out what that means, considering they still sin on a regular basis, and I presume, could still go to hell.  So much for that death to pay for their sins. [SOURCE]

On other World Youth Day matters, I see that the NoToPope coalition have been out annoying the catholics – remember they tried to make it illegal to annoy the catholics during this ‘festival’ The NTP coalition have been out there wearing silly T-shirts and handing out condoms.  [SOURCE]

And finally, Bendy dick said sorry for the sexual abuse.  He’s deeply sorry apparently.  I hope he follows through and throws a bit of money to the hurt and injured people.  Give ’em a bit of historic art work. [SOURCE]

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