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This poor Llama resides in Melbourne.  I had rather hoped that World Youth Day would pass me by and the sense of outrage I feel would abate.  Alas, when I flung open the local newspaper (its the only real paper I get now days – I do all my news reading on line) I was confronted with two pages devoted to World Youth Day. Of course, the local rag is part of News corporation company of newspapers, and sponsors of this glorious event.  And its full of twaddle.  I learned about Days in the Dioceses – DID08 – the first line says that the excitement is building, feel the vibe baby, no wait that’s a priest… stop that. I find that Melbourne has the largest bunch of catholics in the country, a million of them.  There’s a blessing from the pope man too, its lovely.  But the best bit is the side bar that gives me “Mass – fact file” it seems there’ll be a mass gathering of the faithful this Friday night at the Testra Dome (sic).  (I assume that’s the Telstra Dome as I couldn’t find the Testra Dome) Is down as a major highlight, and the fact file tells me that there will be 6, count them, 6 visiting cardinals.  I’m getting hard already.  1,000 con-celebrating priests, 300 Australian priests (is that the entire priestly population?) 100 bishops, 300 ministers and 500 choir types.  Woo fucking hoo.  There’s an article too, about the Catholic Church Insurances Limited, they appear to be a sponsor of the event with their ad splashed across the bottom of the page.  Why do catholics need insurance?  Surely god provides…

I’ll finish with the a pope quote, makes you think what this is really all about, he says: “Never forget that the Church expects much from you young people, because you have in you the supreme gift of the father, the spirit of Jesus”

Bend over baby for spirit insertion.

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2 Responses to It’s Everywhere

  1. ALeC says:

    Seems fitting that the Catholic Church has conquered and subjugated World Yoof Day given ther current Pope thingy was a past member of the Hitler Youth – night-time rallies at Telstra Dome – all looked a bit familiar in an historical context…

  2. Bruce says:

    …. and what’s with the red shoes….