Google Searching

My site stats give me lots of useless information, among them are the strings that people search for to reach my site.  It always gives me a bit of a chuckle.

Search results
Have a look at this stuff!  Twice someone search on ‘how much money can some one’s llama make in a year’ – what sort of search is that, and why one earth did you think to click on the link to my site!  What are you going to do with your llama?  Prostitute it, the poor thing.  I also like the fact that when people search for the Sydney show grounds, they click through and see my story on the Dali Lama – who is not a llama.  I’ve had a number of click throughs since the start of the year.

Oh, another one just popped up about an hour ago:

how long does it take for nectarines to go mouldy

I came number 5 in the list of search results.  (This blog entry lead was the result of the search)

Well enough self indulgence…..

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