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Grossman asks the questions

Miriam Grossman is an MD her little catch phrase is “100% MD, 0% PC.”  Nice. She’s a nutter. I’ve written about her before.  But pretty well she thinks it’s her job to take vulnerable, questioning young people and turn them into heterosexuals.  She thinks it’s her job to deny that teenagers should have sex and […]

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Miriam Grossman talks about giving head

Australia waits for Miriam Grossman to land on our shores to spread her god virus amongst us. She talks about oral sex and throat cancer while in New Zealand doing the rounds.  She’s making big claims that nobody tells anyone the risk of the  human papilloma virus, which may be spread through sexual contact.  The […]

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Grossman and Sex

On July 1st 2012 the Australian Family Association will host a public address by Miriam Grossman titled Sex Education – Protecting Our Children’s Health.  The talk has been advertised in the Australian Jewish News. Just so we know who we’re talking about here, the AFA is a right-wing group who think that marriage can only […]