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The Militant HomoSexual Lobby are Coming to Get You

[SOURCE] One of our great Uncle Billy’s best strategies is to make things up and pretend it’s the truth. blah blah blah… It has been a brilliant strategy and it has worked very well – not just with Communism and Islam, but with other radical revolutionary groups as well. And one of the most active […]

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Michalik is an Arsehole

[SOURCE] The attitudes of the hierarchy in the catholic church won’t change any time soon – you can have as many pope Franks as you like, they’re still a bunch of arseholes. THE top cleric in Poland’s Roman Catholic church has said parents share the blame for certain cases of pedophilia, including those involving Catholic […]


Nasty Attacks on Other Persons!

[SOURCE] You have to love it when in one sentence our old mate Great Uncle Billy the Mule Faced Bigot can sum himself up so well. The more controversial an issue, the more likely that common sense, rationality, and sound analysis will go right out the window. And in the very next sentence I can’t […]

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The Australian Christians lack respect for our institutions

[SOURCE] Australian Christian Party has been bobbing around a bit hoping to win a few seats at the next election – I wrote about them here.  On their Facebook page they posted this comment, let me just pull this apart a bit for you: When Ed Husic was sworn in to parliament the regular options […]


Grossman asks the questions

Miriam Grossman is an MD her little catch phrase is “100% MD, 0% PC.”  Nice. She’s a nutter. I’ve written about her before.  But pretty well she thinks it’s her job to take vulnerable, questioning young people and turn them into heterosexuals.  She thinks it’s her job to deny that teenagers should have sex and […]

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Grandpa Billy is On the Slippery Slide

[SOURCE] Grandpa Billy has got his white undies wedged firmly up his arse in his latest “I told you so!” blog.  This time he thinks that there are plans afoot to legalise paedophilia.  He can’t distinguish between a few rat bags and the rest of the world. Those who want to see normalised sexual relations with children […]


God, guns and 2 year olds

[SOURCE] In a very disturbing incident in the US a 5-year-old boy shot and killed his 2-year-old old sister.  The young lad was given a rifle for his 4th birthday, apparently that’s the way it’s done in Kentucky. It is without a doubt horrific.  Nobody deserves to die like that, no parent deserves to lose […]

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Sacerdotus imparts his godly wisdom on the Lame

Sacerdotus has been the subject of a couple of my recent blogs.  He’s decided to answer me on his blog.  He’s done what I do, pulls apart my words sentence by sentence.  So, I’ve grabbed a couple of his sentences and done the same thing.  If you want to get the jist of his answers, you […]

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Sacerdotus’s war against Humanity!

[SOURCE] I’ve been looking at Sacerdotus’s website.  It’s full of religious rubbish and a lovely place to visit when you need a laugh! He thinks atheism is a crime against humanity – and includes these little bits of drivel. Atheists like to pride themselves in being “rational” and “logical.” They measure all things against “reason” […]

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Sexy T-Shirt Bought by the ACL’s Wendy Francis

[SOURCE] Oh no!  In Brisbane they are selling t-shirts for babies!  The ACL are beside themselves!  They must stop it at once! Highly sexualised advertising and marketing has reached the stage where T-shirts such as this (pictured left) are sold in family shopping centres.  This range of T-shirts were being sold in the Logan Hyperdome, […]

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