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Marriage Equality and ACL Shenanigans

[SOURCE] I just love how desperate the Australian Christian Lobby are getting.  The Australian Labor party looks set to change it’s policy about marriage, the change would see marriage equality adopted. The ACL have got 100,000 to sign a petition.  No doubt collected by happy christians who don’t do much questioning about anything at all really. […]

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Peter Madden – doing his best to hate

[SOURCE] Peter Madden is a member of the CDP, that’s Fred Nile’s political group.  Bunch of radical right wing christians.  Madden stood for election in the recent New South Wales election, he didn’t get in. Now he’s calling himself a christian activist. He’s responsible for a website called Heal Our Land, and as a christian […]

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The ACL denies democratic rights!

Wally at the ACL again is trying to dictate public policy. He doesn’t want anyone to vote on marriage equality! Wallace shows how undemocratic he’d like Australia to be.

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Queensland’s Civil Unions and the Christian Haters

[SOURCE] The gay hating christians in Queensland are falling all over themselves to yell and scream about the proposal for civil unions legislation. Before you can fart a fart those nasty types at the Australian Christian Lobby have decided that this is really a ploy to bring on full equality in marriage.  They’ve got their […]

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Gay Glee Sex and Cameron Spink

[SOURCE] Last time I wrote about this website, Resistance Thinking, the only author on the right-wing christian hate blog responded to it in my comments, apparently it made his night, which is good to hear.  It seems his fiance found my article after a Google search on Cameron Spink, which I did too – the […]


Catholic and Gays

[SOURCE] Here’s a little something I picked up from Joe My God’s blog. This is how screwed up some catholics really are: In other words, the scientific evidence of how same-sex attraction most likely may be created provides a credible basis for a spiritual explanation that indicts the devil. Any time natural disasters occur, we […]

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The Queen

[SOURCE] The Queen – you know the one, her Maj with the Vag, she’s in town.  I’m moist with excitement. Suddenly the politicians are falling over each other, trying to touch her private bits that not even Phil is allowed near.  Just how do you treat Her Maj with the Vag?  There’s uproar around the […]

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If a Tree was Gay

[SOURCE] Earlier this week, Brigadier Jim Wallace, head of the Australian Christian Lobby appeared on morning television to debate with Dr Kerryn Phelps about why churches are opposed to marriage equality. Jim, now after several blunders, renamed General Wally, said this: And I find it absolutely amazing that at a time in our history when we’re jumping […]


Barnett likes gays, a bit, but not that much

[SOURCE] Premier of Western Australia, in an interview with Perth Now said this: Asked if he supported gay marriage in light of  the first legal same-sex unions  in New York, the Premier said: “I do not support gay marriage. In saying that, I equally do not agree with discrimination against gay people. But, marriage is […]

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National Day of Prayer and Fasting and wishful thinking

[SOURCE] As I often say, you can do something useful with your time, or you could pray.  Now it seems that those radical, fundamentalist, medieval christians want a whole day to waste doing nothing, not even eating. Crazy batshit stuff. The NDOPF as they like to call in on their website, says: The purpose for the National Day […]

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