Guides Promise to ditch the Queen


The Girl Guides in Australia have a new promise.  The 28,000 girls will now say

“I promise that I will do my best; to be true to myself and develop my beliefs; to serve my community and Australia, and live by the Guide Law.”

Taking out reference to that god thing and that queen thing.  Both bloody good moves I reckon!  Fred Nile of the christian democratic party has his god-fearing knickers in a loyal twist.

The Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC, Assistant President of the NSW Legislative Council and leader of the Christian Democratic Party, has strongly condemned the disloyal decision of the Australian Girl Guides to scrap the Queen of Australia and Almighty God.

Titles are always important to these guys, MLC, Assistant President, Leader.  All down on your knees bitches.  I don’t think the girls are brave enough to actually scrap “Almighty God” if it was that easy we’d have asked the guides to do it before.  And how does one scrap a queen?  They merely reworded their promise.

It’s interesting to note, of course, that the queen is simply the head of state of Australia.  She has no real power, and doesn’t visit very often.  How’s that for loyalty?  It’s good to see that the guides promise to serve the community and Australia.  That sounds fairly loyal to me. Pity the queen didn’t promise the same thing.

“The Girl Guides’ leadership have completely ignored the facts – over 80% of Australians believe in God – Christians, Jews and Muslims.

No they didn’t.  The guides undertook 18 months of consultation with their membership.  I reckon they know the facts.

“In the 1999 Referendum, the overwhelming majority of Australians, of all religions and ethnic backgrounds, voted to retain Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of Australia and rejected the republic” reminded Rev Nile.

Yes, and some people voted to get rid of the queen.  The membership of the girl guides has probably pretty well had a 90% change over since 1999.  While it’s nice that the ‘overwhelming majority’ voted to not change our constitutional arrangement, I’m pretty sure that that isn’t what the guides are attempting to do.

“I was disgusted to see the Girl Guides, in a special ceremony, were removing the Queen’s portrait from their meeting halls. They should be ashamed of themselves for this act of disloyalty.

Good for them, deciding how they should have their own organisation.  It’s pretty horrible for an old man to sit in judgement on a free organisation made up of women.  No doubt he wants them to drop the word ‘obedient’ back into the promise too.

 “I urge the families of Girl Guide members to complain to their executive and Director and threaten to boycott the Girl Guides until they reverse this shameful, disloyal and atheistic policy” said Rev Fred Nile MLC, who hosted the special Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Luncheon at the NSW Parliament House this week.

The families of the Girl Guides are the ones consulted to enact the change. There are some dissenting voices of course, and rightly so. However, they seem to have determined what is best for them.

It’s good that god got the boot.  Sticking a compulsory god clause in any promise is bad news.  Those who don’t believe in the christian concept of god surely have found it a barrier.  Good to see them leaving it up to the individual to develop their beliefs.

Over at the Australian Monarchist League it seems that they have managed to fart and burp at the same time, such is their outrage:

Girl Guides Australia is wrong if it thinks it will attract more members by removing any reference to The Queen and to God.

They seem to disagree with you on that score.

Loyalty and obedience, has always been a fundamental part of Guiding but this is also to be replaced with something like ‘choices for a better world’.

Well no, it’s been about helping young girls.  The mission of Girl Guides Australia is:

Our Mission is to enable girls and young women to grow into confident, self respecting, responsible community members.

The monarchist just wish the girls would sit down and do as they’re told because they should be loyal and obedient to their men folk.

And all this to cater to those children – or more probably their parents – who have republican sympathies and/or who are irreligious.

Not sure how you figure that, but if the membership is made up of republicans, what’s it to you?

However, it seems to be an oxymoron, that this misguided organisation removes mention of The Queen at a time of her great popularity and when polls are showing an increasing majority of Australians wanting to remain a constitutional monarchy.

So just because the guides do something you don’t like that makes them misguided?  How arrogant of you!  And like Nile you think that they are trying to create a republic?  Surely they’re just trying to ensure that their organisation represent their membership?

Pandering to small minorities, however influential, has cost our Federal government almost total popularity. If the Girl Guides think they will achieve greater numbers by removing the very essence of what they are, then I feel they are sadly mistaken.

Hang on, is this a reference to the gays?  How odd.  So, now you’re saying that because the Labor government is on the nose (probably because of their ongoing internal leadership issues, the price on carbon, the mining tax and plenty of other non-small minority issues) the Guides should take heed.  Oh, and god and queen are not the very essence of who the guides are.

At one time parents would send their daughters to the Guides to encourage self discipline and leadership. Now it seems all they will get is a cringing towards political correctness.

I think you’ll find that the guides are still about self discipline and leadership, so you can rest easy.

Simple changes, made by an independent organisation who have taken 18 months to decide what’s best for them, have been enacted.  So perhaps the nay sayers could learn a lesson on how to consult with their membership before making grand statements.

(That’s the polite way of saying pull your fucking heads in)




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3 Responses to Guides Promise to ditch the Queen

  1. Mikey Bear says:

    It’s always rich hearing men telling women what to do.

  2. This is possibly some of the best news I’ve had in a while. It’s awesome. I hope the Scouts follow suite, there as well as here.

    Reason for the win.

  3. The Australian Cub Scout promise gives children the option of including the Queen or not. In the first version, children promise “to do my duty to my God and to Australia”. The second version allows them to promise to “do my duty to my God and the Queen of Australia”.