The PM and Social Conservative


The PM has been on my thoughts lately.  And not in a good way.  I’ve blogged here and here about her being a ‘Social Conservative’, which is really just an excuse to hide the way she really feels, she’s trying hard to appeal to those who are conservative and probably belive in the Mandating Sky Fairy.

Gillard is anything but a social conservative, her behaviour and attitudes aren’t worth a steaming bowl of alpaca guts.

Here she is, shacked up with her non-husband.  And good luck to her.  May her relationships be whatever she wants.  How lucky she is to have ditched the shackles of a socially conservative society where she would have been regarded as a loose woman and unworthy of recognition in our society. She would never have reached the lofty heights of Prime Minister twenty or thirty years ago.  For fuck sake, she’s living outside wedlock, and it’s not the first time1!  She’s lucky that she can pick which parts she wants to be a conservative on, and which parts she wants to drop.  She’s lucky that Australia no longer gives a flying rancid fucking rats arse about personal relationships.

It all suits her life style very well.  Which is exactly the same as those toady christians.  It’s funny how their view of god always aligns with their own view of how the world should be.

Gillard has not offered one bit of reasoning as to why the Marriage Act in Australia, which was tampered with by the Howard Governement in 2004, should remain as it is.  There is no justification for using history as a reason to continue to discriminate.

“”I had a pro-union, pro-Labor upbringing in a quite conservative family, in a sense of personal values. I mean we believed in lots of things that are old fashioned in the modern age,” she said.

“We believed in politeness and thrift and fortitude and doing duty and diligence. These are things that were part of my upbringing. They’re part of who I am.”

Those things aren’t just available to social conservatives, nor are they old fashioned.  These things are part of our humanity.  Sure, you can believe in lots of things that are ‘old fashioned’ but can you justify your continued stance against marriage equality?

No, I didn’t think so.

  1.  Wikipedia reports relationships with several other people over the years SOURCE
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