Man Without Limbs: I Need God for More than Arms, Legs


Nick Vujicic is a Christian motivational speaker.  He was also born without limbs.

He loves jesus.  He’s no longer bitter that his jesus didn’t give him limbs when he prayed for them.  And I bet that he prayed earnestly for them.

He now thinks that his purpose in live is to set people free on the inside!  He thinks that his god, the bastard that allowed him to come into life without limbs, will work miracles through him, rather than for him.

He was giving his little pep talk at some christian wank fest in the States, after his spiel (no doubt aimed at selling his book, thereby making money)

1,692 accepted the invitation at the end of the night to commit their lives to Jesus.

Cool.  I’d be keen to know how many people kept up their commitment.

“It’s not about the outside. It is about being complete on the inside,” said Vujicic. “Because I have seen so many people complete on the outside but who don’t know the truth. It is the truth that sets you free and who the son sets free is free indeed.”

If the truth sets you free, the he’s got a long way to go.  A real long way.  The truth is that there is no god to ask for your limbs.  In another age you would not have survived.  If you want the truth, then you thank those around you who dedicated their lives to keeping you alive, helping you grow and making sure you are provided for.  Thank the science, thank the good people, but don’t thank the arsehole god of yours who you think put you here in the first place.

Elsewhere in the wankfest:

Greg Laurie, lead pastor behind the Harvest Crusades and senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship addressed the question of why there is suffering in the world. He said humans, in the broad sense, are responsible for the problems we face in the world today. The illnesses, disabilities, and death are all a result of sin, he said.

“The general tendency is to place all the blame for all of the problems and suffering of humanity on the shoulders of God,” said Laurie, who went on to state that everyone is born a sinner. “God gave us the ability to choose and our first parents, Adam and Eve, made the wrong choice in the Garden of Eden,” he said.

I’m not sure, but I think he’s saying that the reason there are people who are disabled in the world is because that bitch Eve made the wrong choice in the Garden of Eden and therefore sinned, so Vujicic has no arms and legs because god is punishing him because some naked whore at the start of time (6,000 years ago) bit into a fruit.

And what’s this about choice?  That slutting front bum Eve made the choice, what the fuck does it have to do with me?  Where’s my choice to eat the fruit?

It’s not wonder people walk away from religion if this is the best they have to offer!

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2 Responses to Man Without Limbs: I Need God for More than Arms, Legs

  1. It’s no wonder people walk away… what IS a wonder is that everybody isn’t RUNNING away.

    Damn fools.

  2. Andrew says: